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Observational skills are critical in increasing personal awareness and safety!

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Composite Sketch Software Company IQ Biometrix

IQ Biometrix, Inc., developers of FACES composite sketch software, provides law enforcement and security technology solutions for government and private industry.

IQB's face sketching software allows the user to create and re-create billions of human faces. Facial features selected from a database are automatically blended together to produce a photo quality composite facial image. The technology helps law enforcement agencies identify, track and apprehend suspects.

For more information on how IQ Biometrix's composite sketch
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  • Greg J. Micek, J.D., President, Director Corporate Development

  • JR Magill, Business Development

  • Max Martin, School District Facilitator

Greg J. Micek, J.D.
President, Director Corporate Development

Along with being the current president and chief operating officer of IQ Biometrix, Greg Micek has previously served as C.F.O., President, and V.P. Corporate Development for the company. Since 1983, Greg has been a Principal in The Micek Group (TMG), a merchant banking firm based in Houston, Texas. With TMG, he has interests in agricultural organic insecticide, electronic commerce, insurance, and real estate companies.

JR Magill
Business Development



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