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Observational skills are critical in increasing personal awareness and safety!

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Yet another benefit of FACES, Facial Composite
Software: Building Short Term Memory

Many researchers have come to the conclusion, the limited duration of short-term or working memory, suggests that its contents spontaneously diminish over time. This decay assumption is part of many theories of short-term memory. "The decay assumption is usually paired with the idea of rapid covert rehearsal: In order to overcome the limitation of short-term memory, and retain information for longer periods, the information must be periodically repeated or rehearsed — either by articulating it out loud or by mentally simulating such articulation." In this way, the information will re-enter the short-term store and be retained for a further period. We believe this to be the cornerstone for the success of "Facial Composite Software" in education and an important element in the continued effort to better equip our students to overcome the dangers they face in their day to day lives.


Faces 4.0
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