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Observational skills are critical in increasing personal awareness and safety!

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Police Sketch Artist Software Endorsements

FACES police sketch artist software has been endorsed by key crime-fighting agencies across North America. The FBI, CIA and US Military are among many agencies using the law enforcement version of our award-winning crime scene sketch software.

Faces Forensic artist Daniel Poré talks about the fine art of police sketching....Read more




TRAK (Technology to Recover Abducted Kids)

Developed by SocialTech, a non-profit organization, TRAK is a child abduction alert system used by more than 1,300 law enforcement agencies in 32 states. TRAK is currently integrating FACES crime scene sketch software into its systems technology to ensure that abduction alerts include accurate suspect composites.


Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI was so impressed with FACES that it has authorized the police sketch artist software as an official training tool for agents. The bureau has purchased more than 900 licenses for FACES to use in its Quantico, VA training center, as well as in-service training seminars for agents and the FBI National Academy in foreign countries.


Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Our Missing
Children Program

FACES crime scene sketch software has been endorsed by the RCMP’s Our Missing Children program as a critical tool in coordinated enforcement efforts to locate and return missing and abducted children.


Crime Stoppers International

The largest non-profit civilian crime-solving organization in the world.


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